Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff

Dr. Christopher I. Thornton, Ph.D, P.E

Associate Professor, Hydraulics Lab Director

Hydraulics, River Mechanics, Erosion and Sedimentation

Email: Christopher.Thornton@colostate.edu

Phone: (970) 491-8394

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Dr. Robert Ettema, Ph.D, P.E, FASCE


Hydraulics, Hydraulic Structures, River Mechanics, Cold Regions Engineering

Email: Robert.Ettema@colostate.edu

Phone: (970) 491-8099

Dr. Pierre Y. Julien, Ph.D


River Mechanics, Erosion and Sedimentation, Hydraulics, Geosciences

Email: Pierre.Julien@colostate.edu

Phone: (970) 491-8450

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Dr. Kristin Bunte, Ph.D

Research Scientist

Gravel-bed streams, Bedload Transport Sampling and Analyses, Bed Material Sampling and Analyses, Fluvial Geomorphology

Email: kristin.bunte@colostate.edu

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Dr. Steven R. Abt, Ph.D, P.E

Professor Emeritus

Hydraulic Research

Email: steven.abt@colostate.edu

Phone: (970) 491-8203


Dr. Karan Venayagamoorthy


Borland Professor of Fluid Mechanics

Environmental Fluid Mechanics, Hydraulics, Computational Fluid Mechanics

Email: vskaran@colostate.edu

Phone: (970) 491-1915

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