Additional Hydraulic Services

Additional Hydraulic Services



CSU’s world class facilities offer unique hydraulic services outside of hydraulic models and performance testing. Previous tests have included product safety testing, feasibility of product application and use, pump and turbine testing, and many more. We have a wide range of capabilities and we don’t shy away from unique projects. Please contact us to discuss your specific project and how it would work in our lab. 

Examples of Projects

  • Diver application of pier scour protection
  • Rescue potential from culvert protection with rescue divers
  • Sediment sampler efficiency
  • Riverine power generation
  • Aquifer power generation
  • RECP anchor pull strength

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Previous Projects

The projects below are a small sample of the many types of additional hydraulic tests undertaken at the laboratory. 

Pier Scour Mitigation

A method of mitigating scour around bridge piers was tested for feasibility. Gravel is pumped through a hose and applied in the scoured area by divers. Divers then place geomats over the applied gravel, capping the scour hole. 


Culvert Grate Safety

A safety grate designed for large culverts was tested. This grate will improve the safety of large culverts during high flow events, ensuring that a passerby can not be accidentally swept into the culvert.

Aquifer Recharge Power Generation

A system used for both aquifer recharge and pumping applications was tested. The system includes a small turbine and generator that generates electricity as water is falling downward during the aquifer recharge phase, and will supply power to pump water upwards during times of high demand.